Website Redesign for Better

Although it is common for businesses to update their websites regularly, whether to update their product offerings, change some photos or graphics, or change the logo in some cases, a total redesign is required. But by itself, this can be a very tiring project. Unlike a simple website update that only requires a few changes, a total redesign is about changing all or some of things such as how to structure and present information on your site, the overall appearance of the various pages on your website, the software that runs your website, and how visitors using your website.

The website takes more than two seconds to load

If one page on your site does not load completely in two seconds, it means that the page is too slow. Your site takes longer than two seconds do to load completely, you cannot expect your potential customers to wait for it. You risk losing prospects and sales. Test your site’s speed by opening and browsing on mobile devices and desktop computers. Your site must be able to load quickly on all devices.

Some Features or Content Do Not Appear Correctly

Your logo and other images may not be displayed correctly, interactive features may be problematic, or the content may not appear as expected. Although some of this can be fixed with a simple update, in other cases it can be a symptom of another bigger problem. It could be that your site is running scripts or other software that is no longer supported. If your site design is currently a few years old, it may no longer be compatible with newer devices or browsers. If you are not sure what caused the problem, contact a professional web developer to find the problem and help you with a more updated design. TYPO3 is coming as a website developer to you and it is offering Responsive Webdesign Theme and many more. It is free and you can use this in easy to make your website design better for the future.

Mobile Phone Friendly

Check how your website looks when loaded on different mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Having a mobile-friendly site is important because last year, mobile devices have beaten the desktop as the device most often used for web browsers. Check your website’s analysis for mobile users. What percentage of your visitors come from mobile devices? If the percentage were significant, it would be advantageous to design by considering cellular users. You can ask your web designer like TYPO3 to specifically make you a mobile-friendly site, or you can use a mobile-friendly template that is ready to use. There are many TYPO3 Theme that can be used from TYPO3.

The most important to make your website better than before is about easy navigation. This will be good enough for having experience in easy navigation website where the visitors will have no confuses when they want to get information they need about the products or information that put on the website. So, make sure that your website is good enough every time.