Creating A Website for Your College

Comprehensive Prospectus

This is one of the pivotal element of any educational site. Online prospectus cones as a good alternative to the printed booklets that are published in huge amounts for distributing to the prospective students. It serves the same purpose but in a more defined way. Students, parents or anyone can access it from their own desktops or mobiles, and can even get it downloaded in PDF format.

Brand consistency

If you are making a website for your college, make sure that it well represents your college as a brand. It the first thing about your college that the new students, alumni or any parents will get to see. It is also the single medium for them to interact with the college’s management for any queries. So, precisely, you need to sure that site goes well with your branding and it promotes the content that reflects your institution’s mission, vision and values.

CRM integration

A website is incomplete with the capability to record the number of new visitors, session times, bounce rates and so forth. In other words, it’s essential to integrate your website’s CMS with a robust CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Through it, you can save all valuable data of the students, help them access their data when needed, fetch information from other departments, interact with admin members and so on.

Organised layout with refined content

Clearly, this is the era of content. You need to use it for thrusting your brand value and create an everlasting digital presence of your college. While getting your website developed, make sure you have a structured layout with refreshing and purposeful content. For educational websites, owners should take care in curating the content taken from across the web, so that they interest the layman as well as students.

Intuitive and Robust Search feature

There’s no fuss about the essentiality of this feature in an educational website. While most visitors to an education institute’s site are the prospective students keen to take admissions, it needs to be convenient and faster for them to find the information they need. Whether it is about a course, fees and charges, institute’s learning spheres, department’s information, faculty information etc. they should get it all from respective links of the website.