Spyware Removal Software

First, you want to hit control, alt, delete. Go to your task manager and see what is running. You may need to click all users to display all the files. Now if you look at those on the list of programs that are running and see something you don’t recognize, you can do a search for it. You take the name of the program and search in your computer’s search bar. You can then look at what it is and when it was installed.

Very often, you will find that things were installed within the last few days, and you can vouch for having nothing to do with it. In these instances, it’s pretty safe to say that you can delete them and it may get rid of some of your problems. Not always, but you can sometimes clean up your machine this way and get it running much much better.

To do this you would go to your control panel, and go to “add/remove programs” list. Then you will find the program and select uninstall. It will go through a sequence that takes all the files out of running mode, but sometimes you still need to delete the folder named after the program. You can do this by making note of the folder the program was listed in when you searched for it. Then go back and check when you’re finished.

If this does not help you after you’ve checked through the lists and removed any necessary stuff, then you might want to look into spyware removal software. But like I said, check things out first and see if you can’t get it running smoothly first.