PC Maintenance Software

  • Basic Computer Maintenance:
    The first thing you should check is to see if your computer has proper ventilation. You should check to see if there is anything that might block air flow, in, and out of the system. The more space around your system, the cooler it will run. Some computer desks have cabinets to place your computer in, if you have a desk like that, then here is what you can do to help the ventilation. In the back of the cabinet, cut some holes around where your PSU (power supply) fan is located so it will be able to vent outside the cabinet, also cut holes where any case cooling fans may be located, so they can also vent outside the cabinet into the room. In some cases, just cutting a large hole in the back of the cabinet, will help with ventilation. If it has a door, leave the door open while operating your computer, so the system can draw cool fresh air into the case. If you leave the door closed, then the only air that your computer can bring into the case is the heated air being released out of the case.
  • Monitor Maintenance:
    Second thing, check to make sure your monitor has space around it, so it can release the heat out of it’s case. Never block any monitor’s vents, even LCD monitors release a lot of heat. Keep them breathing!!
  • Computer Case Maintenance
    Third thing you can do to prolong your computers life is to keep the inside of your computer’s case clean.
    Dust, can be your computers second worst thing. Dust works like a blanket on your components. It keeps your components from releasing heat, which can cause your components to overheat. Even a light dust layer over your components, can cause as much as 5% more heat in your system. Before you do the next step, make sure this will not void your warranty. Be sure your computer is off first. Open your computers case either by using a screwdriver, or just twisting the hand screws open (some systems). Be sure you ground yourself before you touch any components inside the case. Your body can carry static electricity, and can be discharged by touching any components, which can damage your components. You shouldn’t have to touch anything inside your case to do the next part. Start off by vacuuming out all the dust you can out of your case, be careful to not damage anything while doing so. Next, get a compressed air can, can buy from Walmart, or any electronics store, and blow out any crevaces, CPU heat sinks, and cooling fan/s, any component heat sinks, and cooling fans, including video cards, sound cards, etc.. Once done with that, blow the dust out of your case as good as you can. After you let the dust settle down, blow the case out one more time. That can of air will come in handy cleaning your keyboard, and mouse as well. Vacuum first, and then blow the remainder out. With regular cleaning, you will add years to the life of your keyboard, and mouse as well. While you have you case opened, go to the next step.
  • Hard Drive Maintenance:
    First off, hard drives are designed to run horizontal, not vertical!! Using your hard drive vertical, can cause premature bearing wear. With the drive running vertical, it doesn’t allow even weight on the disk, and moving parts, thus if running horizontal, there is even weight distribution. Hard drives can wear out quickly if not installed correctly. If your hard drives are mounted vertically, see if they can be mounted somewhere else in the case where the cabling will reach, a good spot is below any CD/DvD Drive/s and any floppy, hard drives locations. Try and relocate the drives where they will be flat. You may need to relocate some CD/DvD drives to make it work. They do sell some hard drive kits that will adapt your hard drive to fit in a 5 1/4″ drive bay.