Membership Site Software

One way to assure yourself that your choice of membership software was a good one is to test the customer service department before making the purchase. If you are not satisfied with the level of technical know-how or personal service than it is probably not a good idea to buy the software. When assessing the management software ask the following questions of the company: How long have they been in operation? What is their track record for reliable products in the past? Download any available user reviews and read them carefully to get an idea of what you might expect after you make your purchase.

Features are very important when it comes to buying the correct membership site software. Speak with the manufacturer of the software if you have any questions about the features. You probably won’t use all of the features of the software but of those that you do use if you contact the manufacturer they can explain better what the benefits are and how implementing them can help your membership. Usually when you go for the more expensive membership software there will be a lot of bells and whistles regarding features that you will more than likely not use, so be careful to stay within your budget and only get the software that contains features that you will use.

Make sure that you are checking the compatibility of the software with your Website hosting account before making the purchase. Typically you will need a PHP server to host the management software for your site. Most management software will not run if the server is not PHP so check with your hosting company before buying the software to be sure that it is PHP. You can find out if it is PHP or not by checking your control panel (CPanel).

There are many tasks that a membership site owner must do that the membership software can make easier by being automated or at least being of good quality including answering member questions via email, sending alerts to the members concerning the status of the site, verifying IP addresses, approving and renewing memberships.

Check to see if your membership software is in an easy to use format that will not require you to know technical knowledge. Choose automated software over having to do tasks manually you will thank yourself when your site grows larger!

Besides seeking out management software reviews you can also ask other membership site owners which management software they use, most are glad to give recommendations unless they are in the same niche you are.