Encryption Software

Encryption software carries out the encryption process using a special formula. This formula codes the information in such a way that it cannot be understood. The software has to be used to decrypt the information.

Encryption software uses an algorithm which is designed to code data in such a way that the data cannot be accessed without a key. The key is generated by the software and is known only to those who have the authority to use the software to encrypt data. Software encryption plays as a fundamental part in all aspects of modern communication and file security with features like file shredding. In general, the purpose of encryption is to prevent third parties from accessing the original information. Rijndael, Serpent, RC6, Twofish and MARS are few Encryption software.

While selecting the Encryption software, it is vital to check on the following factors:

  • Ease of Use – The software should be easy to install and operate. It must be very user friendly.
  • Data Security – The software should have stung encryption algorithm (minimum 256 bit AES or equivalent), shredding of the original files after encryption, high reliability (100 %) of data, and faster encryption / decryption with a password strength indicator to insure a strong password.
  • Feature Set – Ensure that you get all and the required features of the particular software that fulfills the purpose. It is advised to try the trial software before going for the original software.
  • Help and Documentation – Check if the software provides enough information on how to use it and on troubleshooting, through a thorough and comprehensive helps and documentation section.