Day Trading Robot Software

Stock tips are nothing new; they’ve been an emergent behavior of markets and information transmission speed increases since the first public stock markets opened in the sixteenth century. More recently, stock tips were sent out with telegraph wires in the 1830s and 1840s, over telephones in the 1880s, and through ticker tape messenger boys in the first quarter of the 20th century.

With the advent of personal computers and fax machines, stock market tips moved even faster, and their volume increased (as did the total complexity of the stock market). Now, the amount of data you can get for stock tips is, bluntly, overwhelming, and parsing it all now takes longer than placing trades would have in the old days. (Now that automated trading software exists, it’s even easier to make money with stock trading, since the broker bottleneck no longer hinders your operations.)

There is a specific item of software out there called the Day Trading Robot Software. It is a neural network market analysis program that takes a lot of data in and matches it to some black box proprietary algorithms to make recommendations. These algorithms represent almost a half century of day trading experience, and according to the programmers of the software, and the day traders who lent their expertise to it, they’re quite refined. The major claim to fame for this software is hard to verify – it claims to be able to learn from bad trades.

Now, this is an important claim, and if it’s true, the Day Trading Robot software is something revolutionary. You see, automated analysis and even automated buy-and-sell programs are nothing new; tying them together has been going on at the big trading houses since the 1990s, and it’s only accelerated as the mathematical models have gotten more complex and robust. However, to date, no software has been able to replace human judgment in the loop.

Humans need to decide when to ride out a market surge, what sectors they want to invest in, and, most importantly, what to do when the market goes out of bounds, like it did in October 1987, where automated trading programs magnified a major sell off and drove the market down by almost 25% in a single day.

In the end, we take the news of the Day Trading Robot Software with a bit of skepticism. We are not convinced that it can replace a human trader’s judgment at this time. We do think it’s a valuable analytic and trading tool, but much the same way we wouldn’t leave a car running unattended with the engine running, we wouldn’t let this software do our jobs for us. In the end, day trading is still a job, and what this software does is make that job easier. It doesn’t do it for you.

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