Change My IP Address Software

Cyberpunks are on the prowl, and their mission is quite clear; your credit card and bank details. If you let these criminals gain access to the files stored on your computer; then you may forever live to regret it. The consequence of exposing your IP address could be far-reaching; and that is why you have not other option, but to surf anonymously. However, you can deal with online vulnerability when you learn a few stuffs on how to change your IP.

There are two main privacy programs on the internet; both programs have the capacity to help you surf anonymously whenever you browse the web. Any of these programs are capable of hiding your unique internet protocol address. Though, a couple of anti-virus programs have advanced features to ward off some potentially harmful programs; they are still far behind in terms of covering your tracks. As you read this, someone somewhere is probably taking records of your online habits and activities. You may have installed an anti-spyware program with advanced features on your system; the truth is that you need a free web proxy server or “change my IP address” software.

A proxy server is an online tool that can be used to change your IP address for free. Simply enter the URL address of the website you want to visit on the address bar of the free proxy site. Once you click the “enter button” or search button on your computer keyboard, the website will automatically replace your IP address with its own. However, free servers are usually very slow because of the amount of banners and ads usually displayed on their web pages. These banners are placed by these sites for reasons bothering on profits. If you are a regular online shopper; you might not be able to access HTTPS sites through any of these servers.

The second method that can be used to surf anonymously is the IP hiding application. This program has by tried by a lot of customers, and found to be highly effective because of the advanced features added by the publishers. Installation takes only a few minutes; and configuration takes just a few seconds. This program costs a token amount; but the built-in features are worth more than the actual price paid for it.