Virus Prevention Software

Most people are familiar with the idea that in order to keep your computer safe from malware it is vitally important to keep antivirus software installed on it. By no means does this article say that doing that isn’t helpful, but a most of us don’t consider that there are backdoors to our computers that these antivirus programs miss. Flaws outdated software is exactly what the writers of malware look for when they try to infiltrate computers.

They use programs like Firefox, Adobe, or really any type of third party software you may have installed on your computer. I, like most people, rarely take the time to update all my programs and when prompted I would hit the “remind me later” option. However to truly be safe you have to constantly keep all your programs as up to date as possible.

With the importance of updating why do so many of us put it on the back burner? It is because we see it as a hassle that has no immediate effect on our experience with the software. When we are using our computers we don’t want to be bothered with menu screens asking us to upload this and if we approve of that. Not to mention the fact that attempting to manually update all the software on your computer would take you hours. Luckily there is software out there that can help do all the heavy clicking for you.

I hope that the article was insightful and that you stay safe out there on the internet and check out my site in the resource box to learn more about virus prevention software.

Membership Site Software

One way to assure yourself that your choice of membership software was a good one is to test the customer service department before making the purchase. If you are not satisfied with the level of technical know-how or personal service than it is probably not a good idea to buy the software. When assessing the management software ask the following questions of the company: How long have they been in operation? What is their track record for reliable products in the past? Download any available user reviews and read them carefully to get an idea of what you might expect after you make your purchase.

Features are very important when it comes to buying the correct membership site software. Speak with the manufacturer of the software if you have any questions about the features. You probably won’t use all of the features of the software but of those that you do use if you contact the manufacturer they can explain better what the benefits are and how implementing them can help your membership. Usually when you go for the more expensive membership software there will be a lot of bells and whistles regarding features that you will more than likely not use, so be careful to stay within your budget and only get the software that contains features that you will use.

Make sure that you are checking the compatibility of the software with your Website hosting account before making the purchase. Typically you will need a PHP server to host the management software for your site. Most management software will not run if the server is not PHP so check with your hosting company before buying the software to be sure that it is PHP. You can find out if it is PHP or not by checking your control panel (CPanel).

There are many tasks that a membership site owner must do that the membership software can make easier by being automated or at least being of good quality including answering member questions via email, sending alerts to the members concerning the status of the site, verifying IP addresses, approving and renewing memberships.

Check to see if your membership software is in an easy to use format that will not require you to know technical knowledge. Choose automated software over having to do tasks manually you will thank yourself when your site grows larger!

Besides seeking out management software reviews you can also ask other membership site owners which management software they use, most are glad to give recommendations unless they are in the same niche you are.

Makes A Great App Developer

If they haven’t listened to what you want, what your products about, what your customers are about then none of the points below matter. Getting a good understanding of the company when you are new is time-consuming, and frankly, a few emails just won’t cut it. Make sure you meet the development team or if you aren’t local video conference in. You should be involved in the process and feedback into the development.

When hiring an app developer, have a look at their previous work. Usually, they have a portfolio on their site but ask what other projects they have worked on. Download these apps. Play around with them. Are they pretty? Do they look slick? Clunky apps with poor design are bad news for your company’s branding.

Again, check their portfolio. Download the apps they have created. Do they run well? Are they intuitive and easy to use? The article just linked to describes how intuitive apps don’t have a large learning curve, they just work. So think to yourself as you walk through the prospective companies work, do I understand the point of these features? Is there a logical flow that is easy to follow?

Some of the characteristics we described above are what you might describe as “soft skills”. They are things you feel and are subjective. But there are some characteristics of a development company that they either offer or do not offer. One of the keys is multi-platform apps. As Android occupies an incredible 86% of the market you need to ask yourself whether a single platform Apple app is enough?

When deciding on an outfit to go for, you can use this article as a short of checklist. Do they tick all the boxes? Finally, look at the offer holistically, some developers will charge rock bottom prices at the expense of quality of feedback. However, that doesn’t mean that the highest offer is the best. When faced with a dilemma on price always remember that past performance is the best indicator of future performance.

Benefits Of Using Agile Software Development

  • Higher RSI
    When dealing with multiple projects and do not apply agile methodologies, it is normal to wait for a process to complete before starting with the second. In order to deal with this type of operation of projects, it is necessary to look for how to finalize deliveries as soon as possible, which means an immense risk of cutting functionality or quality. The development with agile methodology reinforces the multiple deliveries which against the client is an operant indicator and in a certain way would represent a working capital. As such, the list of functionalities of the delivery agreement is reinforced and the average implies a focus on developing the functionality that is considered most vital for the project from the very beginning.
  • Agile development increases productivity
    The production of software that works around business needs implies entering multidisciplinary knowledge in simultaneous stages. The agile methodology serves to focus the attention of the parties by discipline in the space that is needed and immediately release the talent so that they can move between work zones. Applying a discrete task system against the people who execute them simplifies the distribution of information delivery and consequently the same sense of control capacity of the same employee which results in an inherent desire to process tasks as simply and quickly as possible.
  • Simplifies the management of process overload
    The teams that work on rules and regulations have to validate their work constantly which represents a double sense of work. Methodologies by iteration simplify the process of delivery versus validation, which also allows changes to be made as the scope of the project progresses.
  • Better productivity profile
    Agile teams are more productive than those that use traditional methods throughout the development cycle. If an agile system is not applied, a “hockey stick” development pattern is presented where most of the work happens in the first stages, and as the teams walk, adjustments are made on the previous work. The reality is that it almost never happens that team pieces end up working together in a coherent way. Agile teams that maintain a level of review by discrete units of work delivery with each iteration allow performance tests and systems from the beginning. In this way, critical defects such as integration problems are discovered earlier, the general quality of the product is greater, and the equipment works more productively throughout the development cycle.

Creating A Prototype Adds Life To Product Development

Ideas come and go, but converting a raw product idea to reality requires three-dimensional reality and a long-term vision. For this reason, a prototype can help you to communicate your idea to the team and can yield maximum results with little effort. While building a prototype could be daunting and expensive practice, entrepreneurs need to be practical with their efforts of creating a perfect prototype. They should understand that they are developing just a functional tool and not a final product.

On the top of it, a product prototype as a minimum viable product provides optimal solutions for real-world problems. Often when you develop a new product or modify the existing one, you may encounter several issues. But by developing a prototype, developers can experience the product in advance as well as users can associate themselves with it easily. Therefore standardizing the prototype while designing, is of utmost importance.

After designing a product, it is important for a developer to test it in real-world to know it better. And for this reason, building a prototype is a feasible solution to discover potential problems early-on. While putting it in a real-world scenario, you can find the wrongs you have brought to the product prior to selling it.

In addition to this, by representing a physical prototype development team can collect feedback from their clients and investors and can be fed back to designing phase. This helps in creating momentum, especially when bulk products are designed. Plus, the opportunity of adding innovative ideas and opinions to the design can help in developing a better product.

With this, iteration of the product can be made which ultimately helps you to refine and redesign your product. By collecting more feedbacks, the team would be able to develop a better product in the end. And of course, the opportunity of making infinite improvements by testing a physical product reduces the chances of failing incredibly.

During the development phase, the intricacies of the project are realized which sometimes increases the complexity of mass-production. But, since a prototype integrates very smoothly with the development stages and allows refining your product, mass-production of the product could be done easily. As mentioned earlier, a prototype is crucial for several reasons, let’s discuss few benefits in detail:

Determines Production Costs and Optimal Solutions

When a company creates a prototype, it gets the clear picture of the production process and the steps involved in it. By knowing this, a company can discard any unnecessary steps involved in initial stages. This, in turn, streamlines production process as well as helps to develop quality products. Additionally, it also suggests cost-effective solutions and optimal production methods for a product.

Prototyping Evaluates and Tests Product Designs

Graphics designs or paper designs can’t completely help a team to design better products due to not covering certain aspects leading to a product failure. On contrast, a prototype displays a real version of the product by which developers can analyze several aspects of a product including its development process, timeframe, costs involved etc. Chances are, with having a prototype, they can find some prominent issues which otherwise were not clear on paper. Also, the opportunity of testing a product in the market prior to launching is only possible with building a prototype.

Helps to Sell More and More Products

A prototype, as an actual working model, highlights problems in product designing if any. It helps developers to modify the designing issues early-on. Later, with presenting modified prototype, a company can manipulate their customers as well as can boost sales. Otherwise, with a mere concept on papers, it could be challenging for them to get potential clients. In fact, sometimes even great designs fails to present the actual idea to the clients/customers but a prototype enables customers to analyze certain aspects and make the buying decision.

Maintains Copyrights

It is crucial for every company to hold copyrights for their products. Without having patents, it would be of no use to design and manufacture a product as chances are, another company can develop that similar product in future or might be developing it already. In such scenarios, a working prototype lays crucial role to determine patent-able design aspects.

Blogging Software Tricks

Craig Kaye delivers a no-holds-barred auto-blogging application that was created to take your internet business from earning zero to making a healthy income and he does it without any of the usual B.S. The method includes an automated software package suite that will put an end to the long hours you would usually devote to sitting in front of your pc attempting to get your website ranked. You’re going to possess the software and knowledge to have your site live and ranking with very little effort on your behalf.

The step-by-step coaching can give you access to sources and products that the majority of the internet marketing guru’s use. You will be able to create brilliant content-rich blogs that will deliver value to your audience. Also, the system’s software program will automatically post new material in your own blog for your visitors!

With Commission Maniac you are going to get blueprints and a software package that will teach you the most effective ways you can setup your blogs, the way you can target successful niches, how you can do powerful keyword research and just how to use the powerful software program and methods to your advantage.

Pingdom dot com recently stated that you will find more than a 150 million blogs posted online today. This figure is regularly shifting as a result of the development of new applications, resources, and software (like Commission Maniac) that will show you a simple and straight forward technique that can have anyone getting started on their very own website (even folks with very little marketing or writing experience).

You’ll find three principal blogging classes online today:

Individual/Personal bloggers
Company bloggers
Specialist bloggers
Problogging (specialized blogging) refers to blogging for profit. Probloggers (expert bloggers) are individuals that make an income from blogging.
As shown below, there are a variety of strategies to make a healthy income from blogging:
Affiliate Software Programs
Digital Products
Blog network articles or blog posts
Creating blog sites for businesses
Flipping blogs
Consulting and Coaching

Whichever strategy you select, just make sure that it suits your style, in addition to fitting in to your budget to make sure that you stick with it for the long haul.

Read below for a few quick tips to keep in mind when putting your blogs together:

  • Be committed. Blogging usually will take time to create and continue on with, so like it, enjoy what your doing and make sure you have a long-term goal for your project.
  • Know your audience. Targeting a specific audience or group is often a important stage to creating a loyal group of readers.
  • Be an ‘expert’ inside your specialized area of interest. Concentrate on your subject and build your blog to show your practical experience within your particular niche. (Very Profitable)
  • Diversify. Never get stuck employing the exact same process all the time. Learn and experiment with the most effective way to create unique web page concepts that should enable you to generate a living writing blogs on the net.
  • Make sure your blog site is intriguing! Test unique themes and style, understand what your viewers like and do not like, be certain you pay attention to detail and do not clutter your web site. Be sure your written content is straightforward and covers the theme of your blog so your viewers will not be distracted and bounce off your website.
  • Interact with your readers! If a visitor leaves a suggestion or comment or maybe a question on your blog that needs a response, be sure you reply! First of all, it is just common courtesy to respond and secondly, your reader will like the fact that you have taken the time to respond to their comment or query and they will return to your site again and again.

Backup Software

Mountains of data crisscross each day

It is hard to imagine the extent of data that travels up and down over internet highways each moment. While much of the data like the millions of images and videos serve no particular purpose, it is agreed that some data can be very fragile and sensitive, and obtaining them can help some evil minded forces. Just like every individual and family will have some such private data to protect, just imagine financial agencies and defense departments that would have many secrets to protect. In other words, each organization will need some such protective barrier like the security agencies at every home and office gate and compound. The principle is the same, whether through weapons or software.

What exactly will be protected?

Virtual worlds are vulnerable, just like physical worlds are. The online universe may appear like a dream world, but the dangers are very real, just like pretty lakes and the possibility of drowning! The software protects files and folders and apps too, that make up most of the work systems active on millions of computers and other smaller gadgets. The variety of software functions are mind boggling and customer relationship management software for instance combines many of the communication and working functions within a single interface. So convenient, isn’t it, but it requires backup protection. Entire work systems that could consist of hundreds of workers actively engaged from different locations would need such a security backup, perhaps in the cloud or onsite. Backup Software is exactly what you need.

Companies that manage many sites need such software

Chains of businesses like schools have now become the norm with global mega businesses taking root to cater to mighty demand, whether for products or services. Likewise, it is the age of the website through which record transactions take place, like online retail selling. Especially in such apps that involve transactions involving credit cards that could lead to fraud, such security and protection would be doubly important. Working through a single screen, managing numerous sites would be easy. Generating global reports would be possible to view company performance at a glance. Backing up and restoring would be achieved quickly. It is an easy web app that works remotely.

Hyper-V hosts and guests, physical servers, drives, what will you backup in? It would be possible to accommodate backups in a variety of environments like local drives, USB drives, the private or public cloud, tape, iSCSI etc. Just imagine the advantages and the heightened security possible? Is business life possible without such a safe backup facility?

Protect from crashes and disasters

Servers crashing are the most common phenomenon with such a huge number of them at work simultaneously. The load and the stress upon servers can well be imagined at any point of time. Crashing servers need not be a horror story anymore. The recovery software immediately gets them back for you so that work can proceed as usual. Within a few clicks, the entire system is restored. No time is lost and the performance and productivity continue with no interference. Selective restoration of particular files and folders would mean that the entire system need not be worked upon, only what is immediately needed.

Make Computer Run Smoother

Sometimes you will need to buy a new computer, especially if your current one is like ten years old. But if you’ve only had it a few months to a few years, then most likely you just need to do some basic cleanup and updating of the software you have on your computer. Before you start to panic or rush out to buy a new computer, you should try the tips I have here for you to see if they will get your computer up and running like new again.

Update Software

I know some of you reading this might already know that it makes sense to upgrade your software such as virus and spyware protection software, but what a lot of people probably don’t realize is that updating all your other software programs will also help to improve the speed of your computer. Sure your software might do exactly what it’s supposed to perfectly, but the reality is that your software is full of glitches and bugs that can be fixed by downloading patches. By downloading these patches it won’t only improve the efficiency of your computer and software, but it will also improve its security. Updating your software is different for each program.

Sometimes you have to do it manually from inside the program itself, and other times it’s automatic. For programs like virus and spyware protection software, you should set it to automatically update. If you have other programs that auto update themselves set them to do so also. This will keep you from having to worry about updating your software yourself. For the rest of your software that doesn’t automatically update itself, checking for updates at least once a month for them should be sufficient. It may seem bothersome to update your software especially if you have to do it manually, but you will be glad you did in the end and your computer will thank you for it.

Update Your Operating System

Along with updating your software you also need to update your operating system regularly. Your operating system is just another software program and like those other programs, it is also full of bugs and glitches that need to be fixed with updates. Windows has the option of letting you set it to update itself automatically or to update it manually when you feel like it. To adjust this option in Windows XP, go to Start>Control Panel, and click on Automatic Updates in the Control Panel window. In Window Vista go to Start>Control Panel, and click on Windows Updates. In the Windows Updates window click on Change Settings in the left pane. Regardless of which version of Windows you are using you will have the same options to choose from which are:

  • Automatically Download and Install Updates
  • Automatically Download updates, but let me choose when to install them.
  • Notify me but don’t automatically download or install them.
  • Turn off Automatic Updates.

The recommend setting is of course to automatically download and install updates, but you can choose whichever settings you want then click apply to save the changes you make. Regardless of how you decide to handle updating your operating system, making sure that you do it regularly will definitely help your computer to run smoother and improve its security.

Defragment Your Computer

As you use your computer and add and remove files and software, overtime some of your files become fragmented and spread out over the hard disk. As time goes along this will get worse and worse and eventually your computer will slow way down. This is because the computer has to search the hard drive longer whenever you attempt to use your files. In order to fix this problem it’s as simple as running the Disk Defragmenter Utility that comes with Windows. To run Disk Defragmenter go to Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Disk Defragmenter. Once the program opens up, to start the defragmenting process just click the button that says Defragment and let it go on its own. Because defragmenting your hard drive uses all your system resources, its best to do this only when you don’t need to use your computer. I recommend you start it defragmenting at night right before you go to bed because depending on how fragmented your hard drive is, it could take several hours for the process to complete. Once the defragmenting process is done, your files will be put back together properly, and you should notice a significant increase in the speed of your computer, especially if it’s been awhile since you last time you did it.

Delete Junk Files

Has it ever seemed like your free space on your hard drive is getting smaller or it takes longer to search for a file you can’t find even though you haven’t added any new files or software on your computer? This is due to fragments of files that get left behind from daily tasks you perform on your computer. Whenever you download files from the Internet or delete files to the recycling bin, bits and pieces of files are left behind that you can’t see and most likely don’t know about. These are the “junk” files that are created automatically by programs for temporary use but aren’t deleted after the programs are done using them. These files include cookies, temporary Internet files, log files, error log files, temporary miscellaneous files, and System Restore points created every so often by Windows. This might sound like it would be lots of work to remove all of these useless files, but fear not there is a built in program called Disk Cleanup that will delete all these files for you.

To run this program go to Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools> Disk Cleanup. Once the program is open you will be shown a window with a couple tabs and a few options to choose from. The first tab that you see lets you choose which junk files you would like to remove. Below this window it shows you how much free space you will gain from deleting these files. Even if it’s only a few kilobytes, still run the program. I have found out from using it that even if it says it will free up a few kilobytes, it usually frees up 1-5GB of space. Once you are done selecting which files you want to remove, click the OK button at the bottom of the window. Once the process is done it will automatically close. Along with deleting these junk files, if you haven’t had any problems for awhile with your computer you can free up additional space by clicking the More Options tab in the Disk Cleanup window and clicking the Clean up button in the section titled System Restore. This will delete all but the most recent restore point. Once you’re done deleting all your files close the program if it doesn’t close by itself and your done.

Delete Unused Files

Along with deleting the junk files off your computer, you can also get increased performance from your hard drive by deleting files that you do know about but don’t use. This includes software and all personal files you create or download such as movies, music, and pictures. Sure you might be playing only one or two PC games right now it might look cool to have 50 games installed at once, but if you’re not playing them, remove them. Sure your hundreds of pictures look cool going across the screen for the My Pictures screensaver, but do you really need them all on your computer? If the answer is no then it would probably be better if you saved them all to CDs or DVDs and deleted them from your computer too.

Scan for Malware

Not only should you update your virus and other malware protection software regularly, but you should also actually use it. Because new forms of malware are released every day once in awhile viruses or spyware will get into your computer that your software can’t detect. Because of this reason, it would be wise to run a virus and spyware scan on your computer at least once a week. Doing this will ensure that you are virus and spyware free, even if your program didn’t automatically detect it on its own and again will increase computer speed.

Scan for Registry Errors

So you’ve scanned for viruses, removed junk files, defragmented your hard drive and are still having speed issues or you computer is still crashing when running programs. If none of these things did the trick, then the problem could be and probably at least partially is the fault of registry errors. The registry is like the central control and brain of all data on your computer in Windows. Almost every file you create and every program you add or remove creates entries in your system registry. Also just about any time you remove files or software, it creates registry errors. Unlike the previous tips, you will have to find a program that is designed for fixing registry errors rather than using features built into Windows. Most of them are self explanatory as to how to use them, but the one I recommend is Glary Utilities. It is the one I use personally and it finds several registry errors every time I run it. Once you pick a program you like, install and use it quite often as registry errors add up quickly. Fixing these errors will definitely make your system performance increase and be more stable.

Turn Off Startup Programs

Taking forever to startup seems to be a common problem for a lot of people I know. The reason your computer takes forever to start Windows and show your desktop is because of the number of programs it has been told to start on startup. A lot of these programs are unnecessary to have running at startup such as instant messaging software. The good thing is that you can turn these programs off if you choose to. To turn these programs off, go to Start and type System Configuration in the Run box and press enter. Once the System Configuration program has opened, click the startup tab. Here are all the programs listed that will startup when you first log into Windows. IF you see programs that you recognize such as Yahoo IM or AIM, uncheck them and click on Apply. Except for programs that Windows needs to run and virus and malware scanning software, pretty much all other programs can be safely deselected. Once you have made the changes you want to, close the application and restart your computer for the settings to take effect. Next time your operating system starts up you should definitely notice an increase in boot time if you deselected several of the programs. If not, then turn off some more programs or you can try my next tip.

Add More Ram

Sometimes, even when there is nothing wrong with your computer it will still seem to be running slow. This could be because the programs you are using on it require more memory than you currently have available in order to run smoothly. The solution, add more RAM to your computer. Adding more RAM will allow you to run more programs at the same time, and give your existing programs more memory to run in. This is especially useful for people who play a lot of games or do a lot of video and photo editing. These types of programs tend to use a lot of RAM. The downside to having to possibly add more RAM to your computer is that it costs money and requires a little tech knowledge of computers. When buying more RAM for your computer you first have to find out exactly which type it uses. Then you or someone you know has to take the side of your computer off and look for the existing RAM. Most computers have multiple slots for RAM and the chip is just a long rectangle. Installing the RAM is as simple as just placing it lightly in the slot and then pushing it into place. Once it’s secure, put the side back on your computer, turn it back on and it’s good to go. It’s as simple as that.

Format Your Computer

So, you’ve tried all my previous tips and your computer is still running sluggishly. The last thing you can try that pretty much always fixes your problems when all else fails is to format your hard drive. Formatting your hard drive will completely wipe all files on it. This means that any errors you might have been having do to file errors, operating system errors or viruses and other malware, are now completely gone. There are few options you have for how to format your hard drive. One option is to use the recovery discs that come with most all retail computers. This method will automatically format and then reinstall your operating system and all trial software that came on your computer the first day you bought it. Another option is to boot your computer from a disc using your Windows operating system disc and running the format hard drive option from there. A third option, which is the one I usually use, is to use a Live-CD version of Linux and use a drive formatting program on it to format my hard drive, then reinstall your operating system from its install disc.

Path For A First Time Linux User

Stick with Linux Mint: From the first day of migration, it is recommended that you stick with distributions like Linux Mint, Zorin, Linux Lite e.t.c. There are easy to install and use and they have a huge number of online user base. These users are fairly knowledgeable and kind, ask them what problem you are facing and you will have the correct answer within hours if not within minutes! Linux Mint comes with fairly decent software out of the box. This includes libre office (a free & open source office suite), Thunderbird (Email client), Rhythm (Music Player) and Firefox(you can easily install chrome and chromium). As you get to familiar with Linux environment, you might end up experimenting with different distros and DE (Desktop Environment), however, for now, it is a good idea to stick with Linux Mint and slowly understanding how Linux works.

Immerse Yourself: Best way to set a relationship with Linux is to make it your daily driver. Without any doubt the first few day’s rides would be bumpy and strange, so is everything new and beyond one’s comfort zone. A distribution like Linux Mint, Zorin & Ubuntu try to make the journey from Windows or Mac into the universe of Linux smooth and magical! Pretty soon I can assure you that you will be wondering why you ever used anything other than Linux!

Don’t be scared of the terminal: Distributions like Ubuntu and Linux Mint are made so that you never really have to open the terminal command line if you don’t want to. However, getting to know the command line is profoundly encouraged, and it’s not nearly as painful as it looks at first. The command line is really better and more productive than the Graphical User Interface (GUI) in many cases. What takes several clicks, scrolls, keystrokes, and more clicks in the GUI can usually be accomplished with a single terminal command. That’s the simplicity!

Make an alliance with Google: With the passing time, you will come across something in Linux that you desire to do, however, aren’t sure what method you should follow. This is where Google will become your best buddy! If there’s something you can’t figure out how to do in Linux, someone other than you has run into that same problem before. The official Ubuntu Wiki and AskUbuntu forums will apparently be controlling your search outcomes. Conveniently, Linux Mint is built on Ubuntu, so whatever solution works in Ubuntu is virtually guaranteed to work in Linux Mint as well.

Custom Software Development

The market is fulfilled with the competition. Mobile devices are now most often use than desktops. The world is moving fast and towards electronic communication, electric waves are surrounding us. A new industrial revolution is here. Apps are the new www. It’s a good time to start participating in this movement, if you haven’t already yet. But…

Evidently, not all of us are IT specs, but we are in an urge of having one on our team. Not necessarily internally. Outsourcing is the easiest and cheapest way to solve our specific software issues. You may think, at first, it’s more expensive to hire external bodies to provide a job, deliver a project for your needs. But, deducting all the HR costs and issues involved with it, with moving responsibility out of your side, having independent support on hand and a mediator… You may want to calculate it again.

Outsourcing is recently the easiest, fastest, cheapest and most secure way to raise up.

  • Quick PROS: No HR or tax, pension, healthcare arrangements and payments towards people who are doing the project.
  • Quick CONS: Negotiations. Agreements. Checking halfway through. Corrections. From our experience, it’s 50/50 depending on your standard. It’s a hard odd, it’s a tough market. But once you build your trust in the team, and both sides are happy, you have it!

Yes, but how to choose the perfect software development company for a long-term relationship? What to look for when making up your decision?

There are few basic rules that you need to follow.

All the marketing gurus will tell you to reject the cheapest offer. Why? You don’t want the cheapest option, but most cost-effective. On the other hand, look for someone who is interested in making an app, not only making money. Make sure you check their portfolio, research forums for opinions about them and read the contract twice.

Communicate with them for few weeks or months before you sign the contract. Make sure that they understand what you want and that the communication itself is clear. From the first contact express what you’re expecting from them. Check their response time, together with a problem solving skills. Also, look for the ‘no” word. You want to work with a straightforward team leader, rather than a liar who can’t deliver their promises.

Avoid “all-knowing experts” as if someone knows everything, he knows nothing in details. Check their expertise and technical skills. Choose someone who knows the area of your product.

It’s also important at the end that you’ll be the owner of the code. You don’t want your competition to find out the “magic” behind it. And also, in the future, if you need to make the changes, you can do it easily.

Prepare a list of questions you will ask prior to further cooperation. Trust yourself, but keep in mind the briefing above.

Good luck.