Buying PC Tattletale Parental Control Software

The first tip is more like an advice and you are encouraged to buy PC Tattletale when you really need it. Although this piece of software is intended to protect your kids from the harmful activities over the Internet, it is not a must or necessary for parents to have one. If you know so well and are confident to know that your children are clean with what they are doing online, then this probably is not the software for you. However, if you are the kind of protective parent, which is not a bad thing, would like to monitor every move of your children’s online activities, then this software is for you. Make sure you make wise decisions when deciding to buy because when it is not dealt properly, it would damage the relationship between you and your children. Some users of PC Tattletale talk to their children openly about their purpose in buying the software and they receive very positive and healthy responses.

The second tip will help you to get a 50% discount off if you qualify to be one. PC Tattletale has an offer that is called Competitive Upgrade where you can actually get an upgrade at 50% off when you have already purchased some other parental control softwares with registered version. Currently, you are automatically qualified for a 50% discount if you have bought Spector Soft, Eblaster, Guardian Monitor, IamBigBrother, SafeEyes, CyberPatrol, IProtectYou, SentryPC, NetNanny, AYE Software, Kidswatcher, SpyAgent, ContentProtect, CyberSitter, Snitch, Desktop Scout, Cyber Sentinel, KidControl and CSWeb. Unfortunately, if you have not bought any of those mentioned above or any of the parental control tool, then you will have to buy the software at the full price.

The third tip for buying PC Tattletale is this. If you are considering buying an Internet filtering program, you can just forget about it and invest the extra money in PC Tattletale. In case you do not know, filtering programs can only help you to block certain websites where some of the users of your computer will not be able to access to certain unintended sites. If you want to do more than just blocking a few websites for your children and do a thorough investigation on what they are doing online, even offline, then you might as well just invest in this piece of software. Internet filtering is only one of the many features that are provided by PC Tattletale and in addition, you can also track their email conversations, chatroom conversations, MySpace network of friends and software monitoring. With these features provided, you can be sure that you are able to track their every single move throughout the entire usage of the computer.