Become The Boss Of Augmented Reality Services

Check your options

Well it depends a lot on the kind of stream you are venturing into. Just because AR and VR are trending doesn’t necessarily mean that they can invade all streams. This is why you need to understand the stream, the utility of AR and VR apps and then decide whether or not to suggest your client go for it. Look for the possible alternatives, do feasibility and a cost analysis and then decide. If your client really wants to adopt AR and VR solutions, try to think of the best ways by which you can tap the most of this modern technology.

You do not always have to be too flashy

While we understand that ‘think outside the box’ is a very engaging concept, sometimes straight and simple works best too. For instance, Mandiri with WWF didn’t go for too much creativity or innovation banking. They made a simple gamified experience for their banking clients and made remarkable use of augmented reality. It worked wonders for them.

So, think of the possible ways by which you can use AR and VR and get something constructive out of it. This should work the trick.

Always hit at the utility factor. Remember, you need to make things productive and the utility value needs to be high. It is important because if you do not spot any use, it won’t really serve the need. If you want to champion the AR and VR field, you need to give something constructive to the end users.